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Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Two years ago I moved to a new neighbourhood. There seem to be very few people in this area who are without telephones, so I expected to get a new phone quickly. I applied for one as soon as I moved into my new house. "We aren't supplying many new phones in your area," an engineer told me.     "A lot of people want new phones at the moment and the company is employing fewer engineers than last year so as to save money. A new phone won't cost you mush money, but it will take a little time. We can't do anything for you before December." You nees a lot of patience if you're waiting for a new phone and you need a few friends whose phones you can use as well. Fortunately, I had both. December came and went, but there was no sign of a phone. I went to the company's local to protest. "They told me I'd have a phone by December," I protested. "Which year?" the assistant asked.

7 Diet Tips

Don't let anyone 'love you with food.Always set a new goal before you reach the old one. Goals move you forward. Having no goals moves you backward.Weigh yourself every morning for the rest of your life.When you're under stress, you may want to eat. Break the stress cycle with exercise and a hot bath.It takes time to gain weight. It takes time to lose weight. Be Patient.Never food-shop when you're hungry.Remember: you are learning a way to live, not just a way to diet.

Beautiful Coat

Never too Old to Learn

I have just received a letter from my old school informing taht my former principal, Mr.Reginald Page, will be retiring next week. Pupils of the school, old and new, will be sending him a present to mark the occasion. All those who have contributed toeards the gift will sign their names in a large album which will be sent to the principal's home. We shall all remember Mr.Page for his patience and undrstanding und for the kindly encouragement have us when so unwillingly to scool.

Burning the Candle at both Ends

The nurse asked me if I was next and she led me into Dr.Grey's surgery.Dr.Grey smiled at me and asked waht the problem was. I am a young man and am not the sort of perdon she has to see very Often! i told her I was feeling rater run down. She asked me if I had kept regular hours and I said I hadn't. She wanted to know why I hadn't kept regular hours and I said.