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Laudya Chintya Bella

Bella is a actress in Indonesia. Bella was born in 1988 February 24 in Jakarta. Bella also is a singer together Raffi Ahmad, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck, and Ayushita. Bella also is a modeling. She to be able to appreciation is a :Campions favorite princess java 2003Campions 2 model My Friends 2002Finalis princess Bobo 1997Her hobbies are acting, singing, and shopping. Bella has a beautifull.

Liric Paparazie

We are the crowdWe're c-coming outGot my flash on it's trueNeed that picture of youIt's so magicalWe'd be so fantastical
Leather and jeansYour watch glamorousNot sure what it meansBut this photo of usIt don't have a priceReady for those flashing lightsCause you knoe that baby I
ReffI'm your biggest fanI'll follow you until you love mePapa-paparazibaby there's no other superstarYou know that i'll be yourPapa-paparazzi

Holiday in the Jogjakarta

Sunday, 9 May 2012. i and my friends holiday in the jogja. We went at seven o'clock by bus. Before we went was praying the more fomerly. In the triped we sang and slepping.
   At ten o'clock we arrived in place to goal at first in the klukup. I enjoyed that place and then we went to beach Baron. We enjoyed and we very happy. after that from beach Baron, we took a bath. Then we eat together in the restaurant in jogja. Then was went to malioboro for shoping. Until at ten we finished shoping.    Last then we went home in Sragen , we why the triped we learned music and sleeping on the bus. We arrived in Sragen at 12.00 pm. Then we went to home each an sleep on the badrooom.

Make Fried Rice

Material :

Plate of rice1 egg1 cup oil for fryingSoybean SauceSauce Chili Spice Paste :
3 large chilies, seeds removed3 small chilies4 red shallots2 cloves garlic1/2 teaspoon saltSteps : Heat the oil in a wole over a medium flameFried spice paste until fragrantThen put on egg in awok overNext put on rice, and mix until mixedPut on soybean sauce and chili sauceMix again until to spread and to raiseFinaly, and serve hot in a plate

Text Recount

1. COMMUNICATIVE PORPOSE (social function)    Is used to retell events for the purpose of informing and       entertaining.
2. GENERIC STRUCTURE     a. Orientation     Provides the setting and provides participles (giving   information    about who, where and when)     b. Events         To tell what happend in what squence     c. Re-orientation         Closure of event
3. LINGUISTIC FEATURES     a. Focus on specific participants     b. Temporal squence         - On Sunday      - Next         - First                - On Day         - Then     c. Time Connective         - After               - And         - Before         - But     d. Simple past tense     e. Action Verb         - Arrived            - Brought         - Stayed              - Bought     f. Adjective (to modify noun)         - Beautiful           - Small         - Funny               - Yellow         - Birj

Simple Present Tense

Is use to express that something happeneds all the times or habitual action.
   1. I go to school everyday
   2. I have a breakfast everymorning
Is used to express general truth
   1. The sunrises in the east
   2. The sunsets in the west

1. Verbal
exsample: They go to school by bus everyday
                She goes to school by bus everyday

Negative form
   exsample: You do not learn english everyday
                   She does not go to school by bus everyday
Interogative form
   exsample: Do you learn english everyday?
                   Does he learn english everyday?
2. Nominal
    (+) My father is in the office
    (-)  My father is not in the office
    (?)  Is my father in the office?

A Thousand Years

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises How to be brave How can i love when i'm afaid to fall Watching you stand alone All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow One step closer


I have died everyday waiting for you Darling don'nt be afraid i have loved you For a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more Time stanstands still Beauty in all she is I will be brave I will not let anything take away Standing in front of me Every breath Every hour has come to this

What Causes Weather?

Weather is the physical condition of the atmosphere at a partikular time. It includes temperature, air pressure and water content.
   Weather is produced when air moves from place to place. this moving air is known as wind. Winds are caused by warm air rising and cooler air moving to replace it. Warm air is usually less sense than cool air, the refore, it creates low air pressure. Cool air is more dense and creates high air pressure.    Usually we have fine weather when the air pressure is high, and we will have clouds, rain or snow when air pressure drops.

Promote hair growth with natural home remedies.

Be careful, however, when applying home
remedies, as they may damage your hair 
instead of stimulating growth · A mix of aloe vera and honey. Mix the flesh of three leaves of aloe vera with honey and apply it over the scalp. Wait 20 minutes and wash hair out as usual. ·An energy-packed breakfast. Mix together a spoonful of soya lecithin, a spoonful of wheatgerm, a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of brewer’s yeast, and a yogurt. Try this homemade recipe every day for breakfast. ·Tomatoes, olive oil and aloe vera. Blend a tomato with a tablespoon of olive oil. Heat until warm and apply the mixture to the scalp, letting stand as long as possible. This mixture can be enhanced by adding aloe vera. ·Rosemary water. Wash your hair every day with rosemary water. You can buy rosemary shampoo or make rosemary water on own.

5 easy ways to remove acne scars naturall

If you are a fellow acne sufferer then you don't need to know how utterly traumatizing an experience acne can be. To add insult to injury, after all the unsightly ravages it subjects your skin to, acne leaves scars as an ever present reminder. So in this hub, I'm going to share with you the5 easy ways to remove acne scars naturall I've personally suffered from acne as far back as my early teens and because of that I've picked up a fair bit of scars along the way. Not too deep but still somewhat conspicuous. So if your acne scarring isn't very deep I think the 5 methods that, at one time or another, worked for me, may work for you.  After getting rid of my acne using the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) I used the following 5 easy to use home remedies to diminish and eventually remove my acne scars permanently : Egg whites - Egg whites have very powerful healing qualities that will help heal your scarring and eventually make it less visible. Egg white is full of prote…


She was never away from you, will always be with you, when you cry, laugh, listen to it, mengertimu, she substitute family.Some say it's a friend of a friend who is really close to know the little things about us. There is also a best friend that was everywhere always together. But one of my friends told me, a friend is a friend in joy and sorrow, but know the limits to which a time when friends get in trouble, we should let him overcome his own problems in order to friends grew more mature and independent.Do not hurt your friend, be a part of your friend.


My Family

The family is the place where youcry, laugh, sad, revealing all your heart. You will not succeedwithout the efforts both the masterand therefore respect your parents, because we can never repay themeven with treasures. Do not makethem sad, try to be the best for them so that they are proud of you. Notonly parents, your brother alsohelps your success. So spare your family. ^_^

Who's afraid of so singles?

Who's afraid of so singles?
   Singles is a very bad word heard by teenagers. He was always alone when his friends are dating. What more for a college kid, in kos always upset because he saw that his courtship. Saturday night was his task. Not maen or apelin girlfriend. Buy feed themselves not anyone except his friends drove. Very annoying to be single, but do not be mistaken as a singles there are happy as well, rarely hurt, nothing was a bother, free friends with who wrote, not afraid of going in cheating because cheating who? Do not be afraid because God is so singles choose the best match for you. But you also have to try to find your soul mate, do not just stay quiet. If you just stay quiet your match will not come by itself.You fear so singles?


A businessman should prossess the quality of leadership. The success of business depends upon loyalty and cooperation of employees. The cooperation of employees depends on enthusiasm and interest about the work they are doing. Another notable quality of the businessman is business morality, which means nonest dealings. Honesty, straight forwardness fair dealings dependability and moral character are also important qualities for success in business. Today, business has become so complex and competitive that it is full of danger to start a business without knowing its problems. It is through training and education that the businessman can properly understand the problems of his business and find solutions for them.
  Modern business is subject to fast changes. It requires a businessman to appreciate time. Hemust always think in terms of time. Businessman must have consistent mind so as to be able to exercise firmness in his dealing with others. A businessman has to deal with many persons…

Meaning Of Love

Be someone who does not demand the person you care for to be what you want, because you will not want to if asked to be someone else. We have to accept someone with what it is that someone also accept us as we are.

When a person who was with her ​​boyfriend, she will feel very happy because God has sent someone good and accept what is to be his life partner.

  When they lose the people we love will be very sad, a sense of loss will come at the end after everyone was gone from our lives. Be a strong person and do not let the sadness always comes. Make it a valuable life experience. Make your life a pleasure although sometimes depressing. Find friends that much, do not look for enemies and find the experience a lot, do not look for stupidity.